Thursday, 16 March 2017

William David Shearing

Bill was a gentleman beyond words. 
A genuinely good man. Huge heart. Beautiful soul and spirit. 
He was generous, kind, giving and caring with a wicked sense of humour. 

He was my friend and "Dad" even though he was younger than me,  that was our injoke 

Hair related, coz I have loads :-)

There aren't really any words to express the sadness of losing this amazing friend, confidante and total fucking loon

Never lost for a laugh and with some of the worst one liners you've ever heard 

A constant barrage of the driest banter ever
Always with a twinkle in his eye and a smile ready to break across his face, 

Not only have we lost a brilliant kind and caring friend,
the world has lost a wonderful human being

Do not cry for him coz he would just laugh in your face

Tell the shittiest one liner you can think of and raise a glass to toast a wonderful man who saw the good and the happy in everything and leaves the world with some silly tales to laugh about

It's so hard to think of him not being here in physical and Crap gag form
Loved as a friend by so many, he could make you feel happy one moment and humble the next

Old Cliche I know, but they truly did break the mould with him

Goon, but not forgotten 

It was an honour and one hell of a privilege to have known you Billy Shearing

A: My eyes overflow everytime I think of him

B: I keep thinking of him

C: The overflow runs down my face into the smile on my lips

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