Thursday, 23 March 2017

Butterfly of Love

So fragile as it flits from flower to flower
Skittish in the air and buffeted by breeze
It lands but briefly on barren stems
But where there is nectar and nurture

That is where it stays for sustenance
The flower opens accepting the butterfly
Both taking nourishment from the welcome
When given so carefree, so gratifyingly

But like the torture wheel breaking
Wings fall to the ground in tiny pieces
Destroyed in seconds so carelessly
The delicate butterfly of love so broken

Love, when strong, can conquer everything
Even trivial stupidity and inane harsh words
The butterfly lies there injured, hurt & crumpled
Love can, and will, with care, be repaired in time

Words spoken foolishly, need to be chosen
Now with care, tenderness and true affection
Must these words that fall from the mouth
For without love and care, hearts will lie bare

Empty and destroyed in moments of insanity
So easy to wound, so hard to retract and mend
Only fools and drunks disregard these truths
Left to reflect and repent the idiocy of their words

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