Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Do I worry

Do I worry, of course, Worry I do I have a beautiful female friend She cares for me She kisses me She hugs me tight
I see her emotion When I look in her eyes She makes me smile She makes me laugh
She makes me cry (Good tears) I know she will give to me Everything she is / has/ And in return . . . .
She has a man who isn't truly free Unable to give her all he has A man who has been submissive For so many years now
It is almost like a habit Breaking free is hard on me And harder for her to wait A man whose heart is guarded
Hidden from the pain But willing to step out Into the sunshine of feeling again Like a timid mouse
Babysteps all the time So easy to retreat again Full of fear Fear of the pain and hurt
Fear of rejection Fear of driving her away So much unknown fear
Needing to be dispelled So do I worry, please understand, I do worry

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