Saturday, 1 April 2017

Special and Funny

Special and Funny

It started out with a ten minute bus journey
Taking an Hour and terminating suddenly !
Half a mile short of where we weren't meeting
She had misheard which number bus I was on !

When we we finally met waving at each other
From opposite ends of the road under the railway
So began the cliched slow motion movie thing
Running towards each other, at least it felt that way

Finally hand in hand and hello kisses and hugs
We went in search of a cosy local pub to chat
We found one, it was closed and boarded up
So we bought some vino and went back to hers !

We sat and chatted and it became more than obvious
Where the night was headed as we sat on her bed
Unsure of how to start the process of our first night
I challenged her to play a game of strip toss the coin

It was kinda dark, I didn't have my glasses on
I had to rely on her for heads or tails being up !
Despite the chance to cheat, she lost first go !
I  looked at her and thought perhaps her shirt,

Lets not be too hasty as it was just the first toss
With such aplomb and a mischievous grin . . .
She took off a sock ! we collapsed with laughter
Recovering, the coin tossed into the air once more

Missed by my fumbling hand in the darkness
It tumbled to the floor where we scrabbled around
I lost this time, and removed a sock with a flourish
Once more collapsing in gales of laughter to the bed

On we pressed with our frivolous game, with smiles
On our faces and laughter on our lips, and of course wine
Now despite the dark and the lack of glasses for me
She lost rapidly, I was still in jeans and boxers

But there she stood gloriously naked and unashamed
Her beauty breathtaking, and me just awestruck
The room lost all it's air and my heart paused I swear
She smiled at me with that cheeky grin once more

She then decided to abandon any pretense for the game
And set about removing the remaining clothes I had
As she knelt down to remove my boxers I held my breath
Oh so gently and tenderly she placed me in her mouth

And thus began a special night of magic and sometimes fun
Love 'N' Laughter has long been my motto for everyone's life
Little did I know that this special night would bring lots
From the first nekkid moment to waking up the next morning

And as we draw a veil of privacy
Over the rest of the proceedings
Ah fukkitt no we won't
We all know what happened

Suck, Lick, Blow, Nibble, Chew, Fuck, Finger, Tongue.
Drowned in cum, mine and hers, face fucked, her and me,
Upside down, over under sideways down, 69, 96, Doggie,
Every single moment of gentle tender rampant passion

Then curled up together holding each other tight
As we slept, and wrapped ourselves entwined
Waking in the morn still tangled up in each others limbs
Eyes opening to each others eyes full of warmth

So yeah it was wonderful, very funny, sexy as all get out,
Horny, tender, beautiful, and many other words of joy
At times magical as we meshed in motion and thought,
Sweet and touching full of compassion and caring

And then she whacked me with the teddy bear !

It was a very special and funny night

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