Monday, 27 March 2017

Small Minds

Small Minds

Small places and towns where we grow
Breed Small minds, don't you know

Making big accusations, unfounded
Peeing on wall in town unwarranted

A big troop of Monkeys in a camp
And the Priests wife ! Such a tramp

Having an orgy with you, towns ugliest
But for one oh so small point, the funniest

This fantasy can be believed like a proud boast
The rumour spread like butter on warm toast

Till you can no longer go outside without ridicule
People stare at the madman / woman, oh so cruel

Fucking Monkeys and the wife of the Priest
Whilst peeing against a wall like a kind of beast 

No small feat this, considering everything fact
The physical limitations involved in this act

No matter what kind of shameless tramp
Is married to the Priest dressed like a vamp

But here's the kicker to this oh so fantastic tale
To put an end to all that gnashing and that wail

Stop believing crap and thinking like a clown
There are no fucking monkeys in this town !

Inspired by a joke between my friend Monica Sorensen and I 

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