Saturday, 25 March 2017



Your hair cascading down over my face
Creating our very own private space
Surrounded by you
All I can see is that beautiful face
Above me filling my vision

I feel you shift
And your boobs come into focus
The sweet weight of them resting on me
My face accepting them
Their feel as they move slowly
Further up until my mouth
Can taste and savour them

The stiffness of your nipples
Between my teeth
The pressure from them
As you succumb to the pleasure
My tongue applies to you

Again I feel you shift
The warmth coming from you
No! The HEAT coming from you
Moves slowly up my belly
As your breasts depart my mouth
I watch them gently swaying
As you move further up

The heat is sliding over my chest
My own nipples like bullets
My anticipation skyrockets
So hot right now on me
And then your sweet aroma
Enters my nose you drive me wild
And then . . . . .  almost there you pause . . . .

I am filled with nothing but you
Your most intimate secret
Is my entire world
Nothing else matters nor moves
Time stands still, Silence reigns
Even my breathing has stopped
As yours has too poised on the brink

This is the moment, do or die
The connection will be complete
This one act of desire
Of tenderness
Between one spirit
Residing within two bodies
Is encompassed in this one moment
The most gentle and accepting
Act of passion and love . - - - - - - - - - -  T.B.C

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