Tuesday, 14 March 2017


You make me laugh when I don't even want to smile,
You drop bombs on me that make me cry,
Not in a bad way, but with empathy,
Every time I see your face you take my breath away,

I love how you laugh so freely and with gusto,
And the gaps between joke and laughter,
As it seeps in and registers,
I love those little pauses,

I love how our conversations are disjointed
And just run with the butterflies in our heads
As they flit from thought to thought,
I hate how we don't stay on topic,

Especially when I want to say something,
But you are already off somewhere else,
I love how you stop and apologise
For going off elsewhere,

I love your Bluey Green eyes,
Even as they refuse to stay open
And you need to sleep,
I love your beautiful long hair,

In fact if there's something I don't love about you,
I have yet to find it !

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