Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Why the Doctor's receptionist looked at me Strangely

Over the past two months I have awoken daily to a strange and slightly worrying phenomenon

my middle finger on my left hand has been bent towards the palm of my hand

It started out almost like a cramp and after a minute or two it would free itself and go back to being a normal finger and operating as it should, you know, holding a coffee cup (in partnership with it's digit siblings of course) still able to function whilst driving and letting other drivers know what I thought of their car control

After a week or two it started to take longer to uncurl, and on occasion it even hurt to restore it to it's appointed station, then suddenly it got way worse, it was actually painful whilst snuggled into the palm of my hand, and was excruciating to uncurl, to the extent that forcing it to move would result in a pain down the centre of my palm like having someone insert a red hot needle beneath my skin

Even worse, any attempt at putting it back into place using my other hand resulted in a pain akin to breaking the damn thing in four places ! ! !

Definitely a trip to the doctor is advised, now my Medical practice has an online booking system which they make a great play of having and promote it's use at every opportunity, I had signed up for this service, and the rest of the family too, so here was the perfect opportunity to assess how well it would work, and hopefully speed up the booking of an appointment

I duly fired the computer up, went to the website and signed in, hurrah you might think, but no, there are options, Cancelling an appointment, (why is that option first?), book a blood test, AHA ! make an appointment, with the counsellor Sheesh, ah there it is at last, Make an appointment to see a doctor

I duly make the appointment only to discover it's not with my Doctor ? ? ? ?

Guess what, there are ten doctors in the practice, only three of them are currently able to access the system and my doctor isn't one of them F$%^&*()

Fortunately the next morning I had to go to the post office next door to the Doctor's

Post Office sorted I go into the Medical Practice where I am greeted by the receptionist with her usual cheery manner and she politely inquires of my needs

I explain that I would like to see Dr *****, she smiles at me and tells me that Dr *****, is not in today

OH, OK then says me, can I make an appointment to see her please, receptionist smiles at me again and asks if I had tried the online booking system, (I know, you saw that coming) when I explained that I had and once past the confusing array of options and having made an appointment I found out it wasn't with my doctor as she isn't on the system

The receptionist then goes into her booking system to, I assume, make an appointment for me, she looks up at me and asks why I am now stood in front of her when only last night I had cancelled an appointment ! !

back to the Online, my doctor, not in system, statement, Ah says she, OK then, now she goes into a different system to see when my Doctor is next on duty, brightly I am informed that she will be in the practice on Friday, Yippee

Smiling now that all is well with the world and I shall soon have a time for my appointment on Friday with MY doctor , I look at the receptionist and ask for the appointment to be made

The receptionist looks at me, and then calmly tells me that I shall have to call at 8AM on the day I want the appointment as they can't do "Future Appointments"

when I have retrieved my chin from the floor, I ask if I can make a "Past Appoinment" and do they have parking for my Tardis ?

and that's Why the Doctor's receptionist looked at me Strangely

Love 'N' Laughter Kriss

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