Thursday, 15 August 2013

Photo by David Brunetti
Just to kick things off, Hello Bloggers !

feels a bit weird coz this is my first blog, but here goes

I am incredibly happy to announce that I have a book cover, Casey Kelleher is Releasing a new novel Heartless with my Image of Lea Bridge as the basis of the cover

Heartless blurb and release date : September 7th 2013

Free from prison… but still trapped in a nightmare  .  .  .  
having been locked up for a murder that she didn’t commit, Sophia O’Hagan is now determined to take back what’s hers. 

Sophia has been robbed of eight years of her life: a life that she should have spent with her beloved Tommy.

Now, Tommy has gone and Sophia’s family has been torn apart. She knows that she will never know true freedom until she confronts the painful ghosts of her past.

Heartless By Casey Kelleher

'The laughter of a man is more terrible than his tears, and takes more forms hollow, heartless, mirthless and maniacal.' 

~ James Thurber

The story is set in Hackney in  the part that I refer to as "Hackney's Hidden Paradise"  

Love ‘N’ Laughter Kriss X 

“What matters is what something is, NOT what it is called”. 


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  1. Boo!!! Good to see you here but... be careful - I just MAY take to stalking you!

    1. Uh Oh ! is that a good thing ?

      X X X

    2. I can handle that . . . I think !

      X X X X

  2. Congratulations Kriss for being published on Casey's new's well deserved! What STUNNING photography! I wish you much success in all your future endeavours! AWESOME blog...welcome aboard!

  3. You're the most interesting person whom I ~virtually ~ know in the U.K.. Love your work. By now must be your oldest fan. Perhaps in both senses. Greetings from a "cold" Sydney.

    1. and all because of a bridge ! ! !

      Thank you Joop, your friendship is one I treasure

      X X X