Sunday, 18 August 2013

Potted history

I know this was in the sidebar, but I figured it was better as a post, letting me shorten the bit at the side :-)

I was born on the beautiful Island of Guernsey off the Northern Coast of France, it is it's own entity, but comes under the "Great Britain" envelope

Way too small for my itchy feet, I left and pursued a varied life including DJ'ing, Tour Management with Bands, some famous, some not, Washing Dishes in restaurants, delivering phonebooks, working a fruit and veg stall, anything that would put food in my belly :-)

Over the years I had some awesome experiences, and saw some wonderful places on this planet, I have met some amazing people, more often than not the ordinary people in my life have been the ones to leave an impression, although some of the famous have managed that too :-)

I finally retired from the music business after I was asked what touring had been like in the days of Horse and Cart ! !  (Justin Webb, I know where you live)

I regret very little of my life, without the mistakes and pitfalls I would not be who I am today, (a knackered old git with an expanding waistline !)

I have a family, my wife is Jamaican with Asian ancestry giving her an unusual look which has been passed down to our four children, all of whom are good looking and smart, I'll let you work out which parent they got which attribute from :-)

Since leaving the music business I have returned to my love of photography  and Digital Art, based in the beautiful Paradise that is Hackney . . . You don’t believe me ? Hackney has a hidden paradise on its borders, the Lea Valley Park, which is a twenty seven mile long stretch of the River Lea, the diversity along it's banks is astounding, and it is a constant inspiration to me.

Now that I have the time to indulge my passion of seeing life through a lens, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I tend to view the world differently to other people and am always on the lookout for the unusual and beautiful things that abound in this world . . . more often than not, I find them :-)

Love ‘N’ Laughter Kriss X

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