Saturday, 25 March 2017



I'm glad that I wasted all those hours
Wasted for me but not it appears for you
All that time invested in what I believed
Would lead to the love of my lifetime
Turned out to be no more than healing

Your busted spirit and stroking your ego
And now with the first opportunity to arise
You grab it with both hands, grateful for it
The chance now to end this fiasco and be free
Accepting of all the words of comfort and care

Healing you to allow your own faith to return
And then left with the problem of how to end
Your unthinking selfishness provided the answer
Never did you guess that that picture would hurt
But it did, and my innocent request for courtesy

Rejected and ignored with the accusation of drama
Saved you the agony of trying to find the way out
There it was right in front of you, such good fortune
My pain and hurt, you could use it to your advantage
Accuse me of being a drama queen and then ignore

No matter what was now said, nor how bared was my soul
There was your escape, pick and choose the bits you need
And then attack me on those points only, Et Voila ! success
Pretend your innocent and I'm the aggressor, that works
Apologies and explanations now completely pointless

You got what you wanted, allowing you to walk away
Head held high as yet again you are allowed to be the victim
Your own version of the world playing out perfectly once more
Fits all your personal agendas now, you can be free and happy
Your own reality perfectly arranged again, you at the centre

The star of your own show basking in the adulation of your fans
Glowing in the lights of your magnificent stage starring you
The poor downtrodden victim princess so beautifully damaged
Admired and loved by all your groupies around the internet
And in the shadows as I always was for so many real stars

Standing in the wings again, assuring that the show goes on

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