Sunday, 28 August 2016



Give me the truth
Some respect
A little loyalty
And consideration
Alien as that is to you

All your fancy talk
Will not hide your deceit
Already the veil starts to slip
You sneer at your friends
Your lies they start to see

So careful or so you think
The truth begins to show
One by one they see through
Into your sordid little world
The exposure of your lies

When the light shines upon you
All your bullshit will be laid bare
Your sad attempts at being normal
Failure all the way, every damn day
And now your wall begins to fall

Sneering your way through life
Never truly tried to be a wife
Just something to be endured
A means to an end, nothing more
And now money rules and it's bye

Trust me you won't be missed
Your anger and insane rants
Your attempts to twist the facts
Seen through by the kids you lie to
It's just a matter of time now . . .

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